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In 2023 we can welcome again two great judges: Stefanie Semkat from Germany & Hugo Santos from Portugal!

Stefanie about herself:

Hello, my name is Stefanie Semkat and I am 52 years old.
I have been involved in dog sports since 1985 and have been training agility since 1996. To date I have competed with 6 dogs of all sizes in A3 format and have also taken part in many larger events and qualifications. At the moment I have two border collies, one is in class 3 and the other one is still in class 1, because due to my very busy schedule as a judge I can’t find time to participate in competitions at the moment. Together with Seppo Savikko I run an agility hall in Espoo/Finland and besides judging I also hold seminars in several countries.

I started judging in 2003 and in recent years I have judged many tournaments all over Europe, but also in Japan, the USA and Mexico. In addition to “normal” competitions, I have also judged many championships and tryouts in different countries. One of the last highlights was judging the FMBB 2019 in the Czech Republic, the American and Caribbean Championship 2019 in Mexico and the EO 2023 in Denmark.

In my courses, I always try to create flowing lines for dogs and handlers that allow them good speed. One of my goals is to always tackle contact obstacles safely. I love designing sequences in which the handlers can choose different variants and in which the skills of the dogs and handlers are also tested.

I’m looking forward to being part of the GRC 2023, I’m sure it will be another great event!

Hugo about himself:

Hi everyone!

One of those events that you can only say YES!! Gold Rush Competition is on the wish list of any judge and I am one of luckiest one for 2023 ! Thank you!!

My name is Hugo, and I am from that beautiful country in the end of Europe called Portugal.
Doing Agility is passion that will have, but course design …that is my last passion.

More than statistics, more than results, I want see you all giving 110% …. And that in end is my ultimate goal as a judge.

I wish all participants and organization the best of luck and specially …Have fun everyone!!

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