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In 2021 we can welcome two great judges: Martin Eberle from Switzerland & Paul Hirning from Germany!

Martin about himself:

My name is Martin Eberle, born on 11th December 1970. I have been doing agility since 1993 and I have been training in this area since 1996. My greatest success was surely the world champion title in the Small Individual 2006 at the Agility World Championships in Basel with my white miniature poodle lady ‘Pebbles’, an exceptional dog! Several World Cup participations with many great dogs were added, vice world championship title in the team and in the individual, podium places at world championships and European Opens. Lots of Swiss championship titles that I’m also very proud of. I was also very fortunate that I was always able to work with top dogs and that some of them also laid the foundation for my dog ​​breeding.

Since 4th of March 2012 I have been an official agility judge of the TKAMO, later the international judge joined. Judging is great fun and enables me to see another side of agility sport. My goal is to give the handler exciting challenges that are technical, fluid and easy to run! Handler and dogs should have fun and be able to implement and apply what they have learned in training. Agility and dogs are my life and my passion and I am grateful that I can live my passion this way!

Paul about himself:

My name is Paul Hirning, I’m 32 years of age, i’m an Aries and I live in Cologne. I like long walks on the beach, plants and vegan yoghurt. I started Agility in 2002 with my small mixed breed dog „Picco“. The highlights of my sportive career include two World Championship and several EO Team winner titles.

I became an agility judge in 2019: Judging agility is very inspiring and fun. My goal is to design fast, fluent and challenging courses that allow several different handling options. I’m looking forward to judging the Gold Rush Competition 2021 alongside my esteemed colleague Martin Eberle. I’m excited to see a strong international starting field and great runs. I wish you all two amazing days and good luck on the course.

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