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Team Competition

On Saturday we¬īll make the team runs. They are divided in Large and Medium/Small (mixed) Teams. In every team are 4 starters. The competition is like the AWC-Teammode. The results of the 4 startes will get summarized to a combination. Every team will have a spreadable result. The best teams are qualified for the final. (Small and Medium teams are mixed)

Qualification Team GRC

- Coursemaps and Teamnotice will be get out after qualification for each Team by the judging table
- Each Team get four coursemaps
- The course has four sequences A-B-C-D
- On Starter will run Sequence A, the next Sequence B, the next C and the next D
- Each team decide for his self where they wan`t to start and give back the Teamnotice to the judging table after the coursewalk
If one Team has only 3 starters, on starter must run two sequences.

Runnig Teamfinal

- The judge get the course free by whistle for the first starter
- Faults and refusal will judge normal
- If one starter had a refusal so he must correct it, does he not he will be dis. and get 50 Points but must run correctly the sequence for the time
- After three refusal the starter get dis. and get 50 Points for that but must run correctly the sequence for the time, if he run again a dis. he get nothing more but must finish correct.

The Team with less faults and fastest time win.
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