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Eva Waldmeier

In 1997 I started my agility sport with my former boxer dog. Since then, Agility has taken up more and more of my free time. Over the years, Border Collies Keen, Pepper and Cheetah and Mops Lady Louise were my sports partners. At the moment I am trying to steer the Border Collie Kippis through the courses in class 3 ­čśë
Close up, I have experienced the enormous development of this sport of the last 20 years. Since 2004 I am agility judge with the main goal to help advance this fascinating sport. Whether as a judge or as a runner - for class 3 I like fast and challenging courses with flowing lines, which also demand the sportiness and precision of the dog handlers. As a judge, it gives me the most pleasure to create the course and to witness at close range as the teams master my challenges. At the same time I am looking forward to harmonious runs where the teams manage to show their speed and their sportiness to perfection.
Eva Waldmeier
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